New light on galantamine’s life saving properties

Take Heart
by Dr. Joyce Block
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1. ChEIs is the medical shortcut for __________ inhibitors. Clue: a long word starting with choline

3. If you’ve been a faithful consumer of cholinesterase and galantamine, the article is likely to give you something to ____ about. Clue: something your parents probably told you to do when they were taking your picture

4. A 2-year study in Neuropsychopharmacology was titled, “Galantamine-treated Patients had Lower Mortality Rates and Slower Decline in Cognition and Activities of Daily Living.” Clue: scan the title; means “going downhill”

5. ChEI use was associated with 38% lower risk of MI attack. Clue: look long and hard for this fact as a serious antiager; ChEI will help you to remember it, too.

6. The ___ of cardiovascular death is about 5 times greater in individuals when at least two of the associated factors exist by 55 years of age. Clue: calculated danger (just in case, extinguish your butt, trash that donut, and take a long walk to ponder your life

8. Not everyone who takes galantamine does so because of dementia (including Alzheimer’s). Many take it as a preventive for ____ decline. Clue: mind faculty

9. The Swedish research study included taking the highest recommended doses of cholinesterase ______ ChEIs)— including donepezil (at 10 mg/day), rivastigmine (at 6 mg/day), and galantamine (at 24 mg/day). Clue: reduces activity

12. Atherosclerosis, which ____ most MIs (myocardial infarctions), is considered to be an inflammatory disease. Clue: exists below

14. The German 2-year study (Hager et al, 2012) shows for the first time that galantamine benefits _____ performance and activities of daily living, while at the same time reducing the mortality from the Alzheimer’s disease. Clue: the ability that would be a terrible thing to lose


2. The risk reduction in the Swedish study was similar in subcohorts of subjects, ________ of age, gender and cognitive function, presence of cardiovascular disease, and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia or Alzheimer’s mixed dementia. Clue: also a political position

3. ChEI use was also associated with a 26% lower risk of death from ____ and other cardiovascular diseases. Clue: a cardiovascular event you want to journal as a missed experience in life

7. CVD (cardiovascular disease) risk factors include hypertension, hyperlipidemia, ____, and diabetes. Clue: a smelly habit that ruins your smile, affects every organ in your body, and represents addictive behavior

10. Within atherosclerotic plaque, immune cells produce cytokines that decrease the stability of the plaque, increasing the risk of plaque rupture. This situation is being proposed as a likely scenario for the the untimely death of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini. True or False?

11. It’s gratifying to know that galantamine can also be beneficial for cardiovascular disease so you can enjoy it as a supplement for mind AND heart ___. Clue: the eternal present

13. In the study, ChEI use was also associated with 36% lower risk of ____ from any cause. Clue: what precedes a graveyard

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