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Volume 16 No. 7 • August 2013

Alpha Lipoic Acid Protects Against Gastric Mucosa
Damage Caused by Non-Steroidal-Antiinflammatory
Drugs: Indomethacin

As we have written before, the amino acid L-arginine taken at the same time as a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) helps prevent the damage to the gastric mucosa that these drugs cause. A recent paper1 now reports that alpha lipoic acid (ALA), an important natural antioxidant, is also protective against gastric mucosa damage by interfering with the prooxidant effects of NSAIDs, that includes lipid peroxidation and interference with the antioxidant systems of the mucosa. ALA is known to be an effective antioxidant because it can bind free radicals directly or indirectly and enhances the effectiveness of other antioxidants.1

In the study, scientists treated rats with the NSAID indomethacin (IND) five minutes after receiving one of seven doses of ALA (50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300 mg/kg). Controls got water to a similar amount as that received by the experimental animals. Another group received IND without ALA. “All doses of ALA showed gastro­protective effect against IND-induced gastric damage in rats.”1 In fact, the 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300 mg/kg doses of ALA reduced the ulcer areas at rates of 88.2%, 89.9%, 91.4%, 93.5%, 95.1%, and 96.1%, respectively compared to the IND only group.

The researchers found that ALA increased the levels of glutathione, glutathione S-transferase, and superoxide dismutase, while decreasing lipid peroxidation, myeloperoxidase activity, and catalase in gastric tissues.1

Incidentally, if you have ever wondered why protective substances such as ALA and L-arginine are not included in tablets or capsules of NSAIDS, it is all due to the regulations of the FDA. You’re not allowed to do it and you would also not be able to inform product users of the beneficial effects (reduced damaging effects to the stomach lining) even if you could add these protective nutrients. Just another example of how the FDA literally kills people—in fact, at least 16,500 Americans die every year of gastric ulcers brought on by the use of NSAIDS. Does this make the FDA an agency committing crimes against humanity? You bet. The FDA is far more dangerous to Americans than Al Qaeda.


  1. Kaplan et al. Alpha-lipoic acid protects against indomethacin-induced gastric oxidative toxicity by modulating antioxidant system. J Food Sci. 77(11):H224-30 (2012).

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