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Volume 16 No. 7 • August 2013

Pima Indians: from a Healthy Diet to a Diabetes-Promoting One

When the white men arrived in North America, the Pima Indians were eating a considerable amount of purple corn that they grew themselves. Purple corn is, of course, chock-full of anthocyanins. After the white men put the Indians on reservations and provided “free” food (only free if you disregard the value of the Indian lands seized in the process) that didn’t include purple corn, the Pima Indians became a population plagued by diabetes and hyperobesity. They have been frequently studied as populations with a genetic predisposition to diabetes, but their main problem may be a switch from an evolved diet that inhibited the development of diabetes (with purple corn-derived anthocyanins likely to be a major factor in that protection1–4) to one (given to them for “free”) that did the opposite.

The moral of this sad story could be to beware of governments bearing free gifts after they have stolen much of your wealth. At a different level, the moral is to beware of making dramatic changes in your diet from the one your forebearers had, over thousands of years, evolved to consume and thrived on.


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