Berberine for Memory

In your July issue starting at pg. 11, the article reviews some of the benefits of Berberine.

My wife is having memory problems like Dementia/Alzheimer’s. She has not been examined by a doctor, but both of our Mothers had Alzheimer’s and are now gone. I have been trying different vitamins with her and they have helped considerably. Her short term memory is the most effected. As for me, my fasting blood sugar is around 120. I’ve been taking a berberine product for a couple of months now, and will continue if it helps. The berberine article suggests its benefits will help both our problems. However, I’m not sure which products will do the most good for my wife. Can you help?


Dear Richard,

First, you are certainly on the right track with your choice, the cinnamon product with berberine. If possible, I also suggest that you consider combining it with the pharmaceutical anti-diabetic drug, Metformin. If you can’t find a physician to prescribe it for you, you may be able to obtain it from one of the overseas internet pharmacies without a prescription. It is legal to import reasonable quantities of uncontrolled drugs for one’s personal use.

Berberine and Metformin act quite well together, and their combined effects are greater than either substance used alone. I suggest 500 mg three times daily. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by insulin resistance in the brain, and elevated levels of insulin (which are counteracted by Metformin and berberine) are increasingly recognized as a component of Alzheimer’s.

With regard to other suggestions for your wife, please see the answer to the above question regarding Alzheimer’s.

Ward Dean, M.D.

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