SleepScape and Inner Power

Will the amino acids in SleepScape stop the effectiveness of the arginine in InnerPower? I take InnerPower before bed.

JANAI, Clearwater, FL

Dear Janai,

The reason we recommend taking certain products with high doses of amino acids on an empty stomach, is to maximize their “pharmacological effect” (i.e., conversion into neurotransmitters, stimulate release of hormones, etc). When these products are taken with meals, the amino acids are likely to combine with other amino acids in the foods consumed, and be largely converted into proteins, losing their “pharmacological effect.” I do not believe this is a problem when just a few amino acids (as in SleepScape and InnerPower) are taken together in high doses, away from meals. I don’t think taking SleepScape and InnerPower together will counteract the benefits you are achieving from either product.

Ward Dean, M.D.

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