The Professor’s New Find: Hesperidin
The relentless researcher rides into the past ...

by Dr. Joyce Block

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1. Researchers found that pretreatment with 50 µM hesperidin significantly attenuated the release of cytochrome c into the cytosol, demonstrating hesperidin mitochondrial _____. Clue: defense

2. Additional data on hesperidin as an anti­depressant concluded that “[h]esperidin seems to be a viable candidate for the treatment of major depression.” True or false?

5. Ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) describes a mechanism of injury occurring when _____ flow to a tissue is temporarily blocked or reduced and then flow is restored. Clue: red flowing liquid

6. The phrase “happy juice” refers to the fact that hesperidin also has antidepressant-like effects in animals. Clue: how learning about the power of nutritional science makes me feel

7. Based on newer discoveries about hesperidin, it may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s _____ Clue: illness

10. Hesperidin pre-treatment was protective against I/R Injury in rats attenuating mitochondrial dysfunction and memory _____. Clue: the state of harm

11. Quantitative analysis, as shown in two recent papers, demonstred that the cells treated with hesperidin had a 50% decrease in _____ death. Clue: nerve cell (adj.)

13. Hesperidin protects against amyloid beta-induced _____ damage. Clue: a poison that acts on the nervous system

14. The release of endogenous opioids by exercise is thought to be one reason for the antidepressant effect of _____. Clue: a free anti-aging activity

15. _____ is an “oldie but goodie” research subject that remains of interest because scientists keep finding new aspects of its functionality. Clue: a flavonoid found in citrus fruits

16. Rat studies of continous or interval swimming combined with hesperidin intake lowered _____ cholesterol (–16%), LDL cholesterol (–50%) and triglycerides (–19%), and increased HDL cholesterol (+48%). Clue: complete


1. Among other benefit reports mentioned in the article and associated with hesperidin are: mild sedation, antihypertensive, psychostimulant, anticarcinogenic. Clue: which benefit does not belong?

3. Researchers note that previous studies report that hesperidin inhibited the _____ HMG CoA-reductase that synthesizes cholesterol which is the same _____ that is inhibited by statin drugs to reduce LDL cholesterol. Clue: biological molecule

4. Because Durk & Sandy want to continuously improve their products, hesperidin has been added to their _____ formulation. Note on motivation: We take these products ourselves.

8. When severe enough, I/R can result in heart attack or _____. Clue: when brain cells die because of lack of oxygen

9. New findings on old _____ keep on piling up and can come as a real surprise. Clue: to search again

12. Clinical findings indicate that depressed patients displayed a deficiency of endogenous opioid activity, while manic patients display _____ opioid activity. Clue: surplus

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