The Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®
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Volume 17 No. 3 • April 2014

Simple Test for Heart Function Is
Powerful Predictor of Mortality

A 1999 paper1 reports that “a delayed decrease in the heart rate during the first minute after graded exercise, which may be a reflection of decreased vagal activity, is a powerful predictor of overall mortality, independent of workload, the presence or absence of myocardial perfusion defects, and changes in heart rate during exercise.” A similar result was reported by a different group in a 2006 paper,2 which found that the deceleration capacity of heart rate is “a powerful predictor of mortality after myocardial infarction” and is more accurate than conventional measures of heart-rate variability.


  1. Cole et al. Heart rate recovery immediately after exercise as a predictor of mortality. N Engl J Med. 341:1351-7 (1999).
  2. Bauer et al. Deceleration capacity of heart rate as a predictor of mortality after myocardial infarction: cohort study. Lancet. 367:1674-81 (2006).

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