Lithium keeps getting better

Professor Einstein-Coyote on Lithium
by Dr. Joyce Block

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6. The reason hesperidin is referred to as “happy juice” is that is also has ____ properties. Clue: A class of meds, often overprescribed, for life’s hard lessons

11. Scientific updates on hesperidin report its protective effects against amyloid beta-induced ____ in PC-12 neuronal cells. Clue: The state or quality of being poisonous

12. When we get right down to it, hesperidin is not a mild mannered component of citrus fruits at all, but is more like ___ in disguise. Clue: A 1938 American hero who stands for truth, justice, and the American way (How refreshing!)

13. Quantitative analysis of two recent studies showed that the ____ treated with hesperidin had a 50% decrease in neuronal death. Clue: The smallest structural and functional unit of an organism

16. Professor ____-Coyote, who does guest appearances in our magazine and labels, has earned his place by being a scientific sleuth; the brainchild of scientific geniuses who apply science to real people for enhanced, extended, healthy and intelligent life

17. A review of several natural polyphenols in the management of depression concluded that “[h]esperidin seems to be a viable candidate for the treatment of ____ depression.” Clue: Minor’s opposite


1. Information on the relationship between nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and PARP can be found in a newsletter series cleverly entitled, “It’s a ____ World.” Clue: Rhymes with “rad”; from Stanley Kramer movie

2. ____ is generally associated with immune activation but it can occur under conditions where there are no pathogenic organisms. Clue: Body’s reaction to injury or infection

3. ____ is a DNA repair molecule that is activated when moderate DNA damage takes place. Clue: Rhymes with a Federal “rescue” program originally intended for the subprime mortgage crisis. Clue: Clue and answer are acronyms

4. Taurine protects against ____ in many ways. One is that it has demonstrated this protection in rats by blocking a mitochondrial cell death pathway. Clue: A stroke of good luck. Not

5. A study, found that activation of GABA(A) receptors by taurine and muscimol blocks the neurotoxicity of beta-amyloid in rat hippocampal and cortical ____. Clue: These brain cells make the theory that “Everything is connected to everything else, or will be,” possible—Robert Anton Wilson

7. ____ is a factor in the regulation of inflammation controlling a host of immune-activated genes, including TNFalpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha. Clue: The 10th letter of the Greek alphabet, is snuggled in the middle of this amino acid

8. A flavonoid, found plentifully in citrus fruits, can help protect your ____ from the ravages of aging. Clue: A complex organ of mystery and maps

9. Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson did not appear in which one of these publications? The Wall Street Journal (front page), Omni, Penthouse, Playgirl, Forbes, Science, Newsweek, People, US Weekly, Fit, The American Druggist, PSA Magazine, Longevity, Men’s Journal, as well as magazines in France, Germany, and Japan

10. ____, one of the oldies but goodies, has far surpassed earlier expectations. We’ve added it to our lithium product because it protects against against amyloid beta induced neurotoxicity. Clue: A flavanone glycoside

11. The sulfur-containing amino acid ____ protects rats in an experimental stroke model by reducing inflammation. Clue: Amino acid found in the nervous system and muscles

14. Dr. Jack Wheeler wrote, “MIT couldn’t measure ____ IQ and he also had the capacity to explain absolutely anything to anybody.” Clue: One of the authors of this article’s first name (possessive)

15. Everybody knows that citrus fruits, found in hesperidin, are healthy but new studies ____ neuroprotective properties as well. Clue: Show

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