How Can I have a Healthful Future?

I am a 53-year old female. Doctor says I have a BCC on my nose. How do I begin with your products for a healthful future?

Thank you,

TOBY, Wilmington, DE

Dear Toby,

Conventional therapy for basal cell carcinomas is very effective. The standard modalities of curettage and desiccation, cryotherapy, or Mohs surgery (successive microsurgical excision) all result in about 95% cure rate.

Although Life Enhancement doesn't offer anything specifically for your condition, you might also consider additional Vitamin C (up to 10 grams per day) and Vitamin D3 (5–10,000 IU per day), along with a “foundational” multinutrient formula like BioEnhance with DNAble as a start for a “healthful future.”

Ward Dean, M.D.

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