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Brains and Veins
by Dr. Joyce Block

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2. Given the article’s evidence, you might want to treat both your brain and your veins at the same time by supplementing with troxerutin, hesperidin, escin, _______, and diosmin. Clue: total triterpenic fraction of C. asiatica (acronym)

5. Using mice that have the propensity to form spontaneous amyloid beta plaque, researchers showed that Centella alters the amyloid _______ at 2 months of age. Clue: disease effects

6. The same _______ that help protect veins throughout the body, also protect neural tissue in the brain. Clue: nourishing substances that can sustain, heal, and enhance living organisms (pl.)

8. In adults, aneurysms may result in thrombosis of the great cerebral vein, a form of _______. Clue: a sudden disabling attack resulting from interrupted blood flow to the brain

9. _______ improved the synaptic failure induced by Aβ peptide and can be introduced as a promising multi-potent pharmacological agent in prevention or treatment of AD. Clue: a type of flavonoid from the Japanese pagoda tree

10. Among CVI-related symptoms are leg pain, edema, _______, leg volume, and calf ankle circumference. Clue: pruritus

11. The great cerebral vein is known as the “vein of Galen” (VG) for the Greek _______ Galen. Clue: doctor

14. Seven days of hesperidin (50 &100 mg/kg) treatment significantly improved neurobehavioral alterations, oxidative defense and mitochondrial _______ enzyme activities in the hippocampus compared to control animals. Clue: complicated

15. Centella asiatica is an herb offering both vein and neural protection. It has been found to improve a condition that affects the venous systems of the lower _______. Clue: arms or legs

16. Life Enhancement, Your FIRST Source for Practical Scientific Health, has been reporting flavonoid research since _______ 2003. Find the article written by Dr. E.R. Rosick titled “Flavonoids Promote Stronger, Healthier Veins.” Clue: _______ Fools’ Day


1. An aneurysm is a localized, bloodfilled balloon-like _______ in the wall of a blood vessel. Clue: a rounded protuberance that distorts a flat surface

3. If you want to research some effective protections from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and varicose vein deterioriation, you might investigate certain _______. Clue: from the Latin word flavus meaning yellow (pl.)

4. Natural products like _______ and rivastigmine are widely used for AD. NOW many more plants are being investigated as potential sources of therapies for AD. Clue: a natural substance that improves nerve cell function in the brain; from the snowdrop

7. In a recent study, _______, found in the seed of the horse chestnut, demonstrates antiedematous and anti-inflammatory effects. Clue: a natural mixture of triterpenoid saponin

12. The great _______ vein is one of the large blood vessels in the skull draining the cerebrum of the brain. Clue: intellectual rather than emotional

13. As a result of several solid studies, horse chestnut (_______) was validated as a safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of CVI-related symptoms. Clue: acronym

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