Restoring Testosterone Levels

I am a 59 year old male. I have been on Axiron for about a year. Prior to that, my testosterone levels were very low. Since taking Axiron my levels are now within normal range. My energy level is much better but problems with ED have not improved. I am very healthy overall and exercise regularly.

Recently I went to purchase Axiron. I had to activate a new discount card and the price skyrocketed from $25 to $325. Well, I think that is ridiculous and I am looking for a better and more affordable solution. I came upon your website and find it very informative.

The problem I see is the vast amount of products you have available and I don’t know which to try for my testosterone problem. Also, I have been off Axiron for a week and am concerned about my levels getting low again.

LARRY, Upper Cumberland, TN

Dear Larry,

Testosterone, when restored to normal youthful levels, has a number of benefits. However, as you indicated, it is not the absolute solution to everyone’s ED problems.

Life Enhancement does indeed offer a number of formulas that may help in this regard, including InnerPower, Male, ProSexual Plus, and PropeL, as well as individual nutrients (some of which are contained in one or more of the listed formulas) such as DHEA, Ginkgo biloba, Tribulus Desire, and RedGidity (red ginseng). You can review the articles that describe the ingredients in these formulas (see the View all Research section on the Order page of the website), to determine which may be most beneficial for you.

Since your physician has determined that you were deficient and could benefit from supplemental testosterone, I suggest you ask him to prescribe a less expensive (and, I believe, more effective) form of supplemental testosterone. I generally prescribe injectable testosterone cypionate, 200 mg/ml, for my patients, in a fairly conservative dose of 1 ml injected intramuscularly every three weeks. The dosage and interval can be adjusted up or down based on the response (clinical and laboratory). The cost for this regimen is about $120 (more or less, depending on the pharmacy) for 10 ml. Stretched over 30 weeks (slightly more than six months), it is pretty economical. Your doctor can administer the injections for a nominal fee, or (as I do) teach you how to give them to yourself.

Another approach is to ask your doctor for a prescription for 5 grams of unesterified natural Testosterone U.S.P., dissolved in 500 ml of sesame oil (compounding pharmacies can do this), to be administered rectally (using a syringe without a needle, of course), in a nightly dose of 1–1.5 cc. Personally, I prefer the intramuscular route every three weeks—but for those who have an aversion to needles, this provides another economical alternative to the expensive topical gels.

I hope this information helps.

Ward Dean, M.D.

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