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Volume 17 No. 6 • July 2014

The Affordable Care Act as Translational Research

An op-ed published in the 27 Nov. 2013 issue of Science Translational Medicine shows how far the supporters of government controlled “health care” are willing to go. The three authors included William H. Frist, MD, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry P. Selker, Professor of Medicine, Tufts University, and Stuart H. Altman, Professor of National Health Policy, Brandeis University. These three men praised the Affordable Care Act as a wonderful example of translational research, which should provide huge amounts of data to “advance health care and health in the nation.”

Oddly, the authors ignore entirely the fact that the “research subjects” in this translational research are largely unwilling participants, as they are forced at the point of the government’s IRS guns to either participate in the Affordable Care Act or to pay a tax. Haven’t these three authoritarians masquerading as humanitarians ever heard of the Tuskegee experiments, which involved unwilling research subjects, universally considered a crime against humanity? Have they never heard of experiments done by doctors in Nazi Germany using unwilling research subjects that are also viewed as crimes against humanity? Don’t they know that the NIH has current requirements for the protection of research subjects which include informed CONSENT? Where is the consent when research subjects either participate in the “research” or get hit up with a substantial tax?

Do these guys actually believe they are the good guys? They are, in our view, dangerous and despicable and the fact that the editors of Science Translational Medicine published their op-ed without comment is another scary example of government “science” gone bad. Several geneticists were murdered in the Soviet Union because they disagreed with Lysenko’s genetic theories. Now “our” leaders force millions of people to participate in a government health care system that delivers poor quality medical services, and some cheer it on, calling it translational research. How many of these conscripted guinea pigs will die prematurely as a result of their serving as unwilling research subjects in this lousy system, the pawns of scientists gleefully looking forward to lots of medical data thanks to the “Affordable” Care Act?

Oops. Bad news: The Bureau of the Census has changed the health questions they ask; as a result, it will not be possible to directly compare health data derived from their survey questions collected from just before the initiation of the Affordable Care Act to after its emplacement. The wonderful trove of medical data envisioned by the three men mentioned above will be impossible to find, thanks to the federals. This couldn’t have been done deliberately, could it? Nah.

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