The Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®
Life Extension NewsTM
Volume 17 No. 6 • July 2014

Overrun by Ants?
Here’s a Remedy That We Recommend

We had a terrible ant problem here in our home in Central Nevada. The ants were not only all over the kitchen, but also biting us as we tried to sleep or to read in our beds. Life threatening? No, but quite an annoyance. How dare these little buggers invade our peaceful home!

Enter Terro™ Liquid Ant Baits, and exit the ants! We got these as a result of a friend’s recommendation. The product is a plastic container that holds an ant-attractive solution of borax that poses no significant risk to mammals, though the product label is covered with warnings not to use the product in areas where food is prepared and to keep away from children and pets. We assume these warnings are to protect themselves from liability suits, where you can be sued even if your product had nothing to do with whatever took place that somebody thought they could or should blame on your product.

But what about the ants? The ants love the stuff and rush into the traps to ingest it, not appearing to pay any attention to the many dead ants in the immediate vicinity. We found that it took a few days but the population of foraging ants in our house was reduced by about 95% and we were no longer being bitten (by ants) while minding our own business in our beds.

Now if only there were such a simple final solution to the government thug problem. …

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