5-HTP and Migraines?

Can 5-HTP be helpful with migraines? Is it contraindicated by: multivitamins, turmeric, magnesium, melatonin and POLY MVA?

Can I place an order from Israel?

EINAT, Tel Aviv

Dear Einat,

While 5-HTP is primarily used for its beneficial effects in promoting sleep and for weight loss (200 –300 mg at night) and as an anti-depressant (usually, 50 –100 mg taken several times per day), there is evidence that it can be used to treat chronic headaches of various types, including migraine, tension headaches, and juvenile headaches.1–9 In the Nicolodi 1999 study,2 100 –200 mg/day was given to a risk-predisposed (migraine is inheritable) population of 413 children at bedtime for up to 5 consecutive years. In follow-up lasting 17 years, 5-HTP was shown to help prevent migraine pain.

For non-headache purposes, 5-HTP should be taken on an empty stomach for its benefits (one hour before, or two hours after meals). It is not contraindicated by any other supplements, but may work better when taken with cofactors such as pyridoxine (vitamin B6).10

Of course, you can order from Israel.

Ward Dean, M.D.


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