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2. A study in which subjects took 1500 mg. of omega-3 fatty acids plus small amounts of nutrients for 12 weeks, showed _______ improvement in dry eye. Clue: noteworthy

4. Anti-glycation compounds such as those containing carnosine may be preventive, and indeed, carnosine reverses lens _______ in human trials. Clue: cloudiness

7. Things you can do to prevent a big loss to your visual efficacy are to use N-acetylcarnosine eyedrops containing _______ . Also omega-3 and antioxidant supplements, along with improving humidification at your work environment. Clue: humectant (pl.)

8. Infrequent blinking accelerates tear _______ and is associated with dry eye disease. Clue: from liquid to gas

10. In a Polish study, the correspondence between _______ and dry eye syndrome was 70%. Clue: low mood

11. A new report from Japan studied the relationship between eye secretions and the growing length of time spent on computers and how they correlated with the frequency of _______ symptoms. Clue: eye

12. Reading from a computer screen decreases _______ times. Clue: Rhymes with linking

13. The 12 week study also demonstrated that supplementation with oral antioxidants can _______ tear stability and quantity, and also subjective clinical signs. Clue: to make better

14. When using a computer most of the day, as we are increasingly apt to do, results in eye secretions tend to _______ and dry up. Clue: decrease


1. According to Market Scope, approximately 19 _______ people in the United States have dry eye disease. Clue: a thousand thousand

3. The Japanese researchers measured the _______ of a particular type of tear mucin called MUC5AC. Clue: mass

5. MUC5AC is a protein that plays an important role in epithelial surface _______ by cleansing the ocular surface of debris. Clue: defense

6. Inhibited MUC5AC production is associated with dry eyes. True or False

7. MUC5AC is part of the normally occurring mucus layer that helps keep eyes _______ . Clue: rhymes with hoist

9. Prescription drugs and some OTCs are double-edged swords in dry eye treatment meaning they have some benefits and _______ . Clue: hazards (pl.)

14. A study found that dietary supplementation with a combination of omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants was found to be an effective treatment for _______ eyes. Clue: dehydrated

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