New Taurine-Bromide Formulation

The amino acid taurine is a multi-talented nutrient that has been shown to offer a wide-spectrum of health benefits. It protects against glutamate toxicity in the retina, promotes neurogenesis and guards against neurotoxicity associated with amyloid beta, strengthens the health of the kidneys, and protects against fatty liver and acetaminophen-induced damage. Plus, taurine may have beneficial effects in the treatment of alcoholism, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetic cardio­myopathy, tinnitus, and type 2 diabetes. Combine taurine with the essential trace element bromide and you have an even more effective nutritional tool at your disposal that fights bacteria, inflammation, acne—and more. To read more about these two impressive nutrients, turn to page 5.

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