Essential Cocktails....
Here’s to Your Health!
by Dr. Joyce Block

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1. It is important to know that even a single daily _____ drink taken in conjunction with regular use of acetaminophen increases the risk of liver injury. Clue: Smoking hot information flash. Look for the answer in the first third of the article. The quote is in all caps.

2. The authors advocate the use of “cocktails” of protective substances as being more likely to provide the desired _____ than single substances alone. Clue: Shield.

6. In the list of the 16 topics in this article, one is designed to make you smile. Whch one? Clue: A numeral expressed as a word.

7. We have Identified specific supplements—that we call _____ for their exceptional importance in a program (including ours) for health and long life.Clue: Absolutely necessary (pl).

10. What condition would help prevent you from hearing the voices in your head, and the voices of those you don’t want to hear at all. Clue: Investigate the words in caps in the middle of the article.

11. Researchers, Das, Ghosh, et al. conclude that: “… taurine deserves further consideration as a potential alternative for preventing liver injury caused by acetaminophen-overdose.” Clue: OD.

12. Uncovering and bringing to public _____ the illegal goings on at Federal agencies is one of the best ways to help fight back. Clue: What you need to pay if you are going to increase your longevity.

14. One of the most important effects of taurine is its crucial role in neurogenesis, the production of new _____ that takes place only in specific brain areas of adult mammals throughout life. Clue: Nerve cells.

15. Taurine is an important protective substance that helps prevent liver _____ from occurring during the performance of the liver’s detoxification function. Clue: Harm.


1. Taurine has also been reported to suppress the sympathetic nervous system’s excessive activation which can cause _____. Clue: Heart on a rollercoaster (pl).

3. This author’s expertise in quality control and failure analysis resulted in receiving an award from the International Society for Testing and Failure Analysis for such highly respected work. Who is this? Clue: Last name.

4. According to William Gibson, what is not evenly distributed?

5. Acetaminophen-induced liver injury is the most common cause of _____ in the U.S. requiring hospitalization. Clue: Toxicity.

8. What are the initials of the author of this article who received the Award for Excellence in Health & Education from The Association for Holistic Health, and The James Lind Scientific Achievement Award? Clue: You don’t need one. You’re too smart.

9. A study reported that taurine reduces the expression of a number of inflammatory cytokines (such as tumor necrosis factor alpha), as well as reduces the activity of myeloperoxidase, a major source of _____ injury. Clue: A cardiac event that rhymes with poke.

13. A study reported that six weeks of treatment with taurine bromamine in patients with _____ resulted in improvement in 90% with a 65% reduction in lesions. Clue: A source of teen-age complexion angst that can extend into adulthood.

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