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Ebola and Other Threats
by Dr. Joyce Block

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3. EGCG consistently exhibited a dose dependent ______ of Ebola infection when cells were treated with EGCG, then infected with Ebola. Clue: supression

5. As Fort Detrick demonstrated, one of the hallmarks of medical biodefense is ______. Clue: keeping something harmful under control and not subject to p.c.

9. According to senior melatonin researcher, Russel Reiter, PhD, along with two other researchers, a new ______ has found that melatonin should have some practical utility as a treatment of the Ebola virus. Clue: account

11. One of the main purposes of this article to arm us with the information and ______ science to empower us to do everything possible protect our lives. Clue: the kind of information that’s scanty in lecture halls

13. Pursuing the ______ goal of defeating Ebola, a striking report from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases has just been published in the journal Antiviral Research. Clue: something that can’t wait

15. New Fort Detrick research shows that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an important component of green tea, is essential for Ebola virus infection ______. Clue: what a bodyguard provides

16. “ … EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) was the most effective [antiviral], completely inhibiting viral replication (detected by the release of new virus)” was reported by Pearson as Shaw as far back as ______, 2009. Clue: think of Independence Day; think of how fortunate we are to have such amazing minds among us


1. In Sierra Leone in West Africa, some believe that Ebola is caused by ______. Clue: the use of spells and the invocation of spirits (sounds like campaign rhetoric)

2. Researchers strongly believe that melatonin has ______ utility for use in the treatment of individuals who are infected with the Ebola virus. Clue: a capacity we all have and can wake up to influence our health, longevity, and significance

4. The Lancet’s hot off the press opinion piece cautions,“If the global community is truly committed to rapidly developing a new drug for Ebola, multiple novel approaches, methods, and technologies will need to be used to beat the inherent ______ of drug development.” Clue: bars

6. One of the verifiable positive outcomes of the misinformation surrounding the Ebola epidemic is the public’s realization that they must act in their own intelligent self-interest, and not depend on politically tainted ______. Clue: knowledge

7. The Lancet implies that unless the usual administrative protocol-lording is not changed (e.g., with the FDA), the antidote/vaccine will never be produced in time. Thus, the chances of the frightening ______ curve may be greatly increased. Clue: more and more rapid increase

8. The researchers found that mice treated with HspA5-antisense DNA survived—negating the chaperone activity of HspA5—while the others ______ to Ebola. Clue: died

10. C.J. Peters, MD, who presided over CDC research to determine how the virus spreads, told The L.A. Times that he “wouldn’t rule out” the possibility of airborne transmission in “______ quarters.” Clue: cramped

12. To determine HspA5’s essentiality for infection, Army researchers utilized EGCG, a ______ found in green tea. Clue: chemicals found in plants believed to have important health benefits, according to the American Cancer Society, etc.

14. HspA5, an Ebola-associated host factor, is the acronym for heat ______ protein A5. Clue: rhymes with clock

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