EDTA: Oral Instead of IV

Dear Dr. Dean,

I am 83. I have inner carotid artery occlusion (100% right and 50% left). Other arteries in neck are OK. Including the ones feeding the Circle of Willis in the brain. You say take 800 mg/day or 12,000 mg/month equal 1500 mg of iv treatment with EDTA. Having no source for iv treatment, could I take the 800/day protocol? I take your news letter and I know of the latest clinical trial using EDTA, and the good results thereof.

John, Fairborn, OH

Dear Mr. Dyke,

Sorry for the late response to your question. Your email apparently dropped through the crack. I didn’t really understand your question. I have said that about 10% of an oral dose of EDTA is systemically absorbed. If one consumes 1,000 mg of EDTA orally each day, that means approximately 100 mg will be systemically absorbed each day. Multiply that by 30 (days in a month), and that means you will absorb about 3 grams of EDTA per month. That’s how much is administered in one IV. Thus, one gram of oral EDTA each day will be equivalent to one IV spread over the whole month. (Actually, it will be a little better than that, because of the additional oral chelators in the EDTA Chelator Complex—Malic acid and Garlic powder).

I recommend you take at least 10 capsules of the Oral Chelator Complex, plus Turmeric Power (to keep your levels of fibrinogen down), and the anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic enzyme complex SmartZyme, on an empty stomach.

I hope this answers your question.

Ward Dean, MD

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