Resveratrol Ups Memory Performance

Resveratrol is not known for its ability to improve memory. So a new study showing that it can be quite valuable to increase word recall is welcome. Using a double-blind placebo-controlled design, researchers have found that supplementary resveratrol (in a formulation with quercetin) can significantly enhance a very desirable type of memory. The study involved 46 men and women who were given either a resveratrol formulation (200 mg resveratrol/day and 320 mg quercetin/day) or placebo for 26 weeks. Not only did the study find that resveratrol plus quercetin significantly improved retention memory, the nutrients also led to significant increases in hippocampal functional connectivity, decreases in glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and body fat, and increases in leptin compared with placebo. That makes it good for those with metabolic syndrome. Resveratrol can help maintain brain health during aging.

To read more about viral protection, read the article on page 4.

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