As flu season persists …
Resveratrol Fights Flu Viruses
by Dr. Joyce Block

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2. Because the flu is associated with increased rates of sepsis, it is important to ______ yourself with every possible strategy to avoid the flu or prevent it from becoming serious. Clue: equip

4. The conclusions of the new study ______ the use of resveratrol or emodin for inhibiting influenza virus replication directly. Clue: what human beings need to thrive

5. Another new study demonstrated a syngeristic effect between resveratrol AND quercetin on the pathways involved in ______ tissue triacylglycerol accumulation. Clue: fat

7. ______ were the gateway for avian influenza virus genes to enter human populations. Clue: whom one of Shakespeare’s witches said she was killing in Macbeth

9. Type A viruses are the most dangerous to humans and are associated with the most severe disease ______ . Clue: in problem solving you need these to determine whether or not you found the answer

10. Aquatic ______ harbor diverse influenza A viruses and are a major viral reservoir in nature. Clue: the subject of a Hitchcock movie

11. Because current virus strains resist antiviral therapies,there is an urgent need to identify ______ antiviral therapies. Clue: a word used in an award to describe Life Enhancement’s products that means “innovative”

12. The new Chinese study strongly suggests that components of Japanese knotwood bolster antiviral mechanisms, involving direct ______ of virus replication and simultaneous activation of the host immune response. Clue: blocking

13. The effectiveness of antiviral therapies for influenza has been limited by the emergence of drug-______ viral strains. Clue: you know people like this; tell them anything and they say NO


1. New findings now indicate that ______ constitute a potentially important and likely ancient reservoir for a diverse pool of influenza viruses. Clue: a baseball word; crazy; webbed wings

3. Of the traditional medicines newly tested, (commonly called Japanese knotwood) and its active components, ______ and emodin, were found to reduce influenza viral replication in lung cells, emitting light as a measure of their efficacy. Clue: a polyphenol compound found in certain plants and in red wine that has antioxidant properties

4. People who are infected with an influenza virus such as the swine flu may develop a serious condition called ______ . Clue: septicemia (aka blood poisoning)

6. According to Google Flu Trends, which uses aggregated Google search data and has received a brand new engine this flu season, the flu ______ is also increasing. Clue: a personal characteristic needed to do exceptional research

8. Which plague’s death toll was exceeded by one year of the influenza pandemic of 1918–1919?
Clue: starts with B


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