New findings for anyone who’s aging
Can Brain Arginine Reduce Alzheimer’s?
by Dr. Joyce Block

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6. The fundamental features of AD are amyloid deposition, hyperphosphorylated and aggregated tau, behavioral changes, and age-dependent hippocampal ______ loss. Clue: nerve cell (adj.)

8. Oral arginine supplementation has been used in various studies to improve endothelium-dependent nitric oxide-mediated ______ . Clue: the dilation of blood vessels which results in lowering blood pressure

9. In an elderly people study with L-arginine, lipid peroxide levels declined significantly. Clue: Is this good or bad?

10. In a study of elderly ______ , low doses of L-arginine for 3 months significantly improved cognitive function. Clue: currently referred to as “peeps” (in some circles)

12. This article prompts me to ______ my daily nutrient intake and to add more L-arginine. Clue: to reconsider

13. A recent Duke University study found that AD results from ______ brain immune response disturbances. Clue: changed


1. The Duke study may represent new ______ by revealing that specific immune cells and degradation of arginine might be linked to Alzheimer’s disease development. Clue: progress

2. Durk Pearson & Sandy ______ recently wrote that there has been considerable research on nitric oxide synthase because of its importance in functions such as vasodilation in the body and in the brain. Clue: best selling author, and co-founder of the life extension research movement

3. Brain plaques and ______ were reduced when a drug blocking the decline of arginine was administered. Clue: jumbles, ravels, and knots, oh, my!!!

4. Durk & Sandy cite a rat study, in which “small doses” of ______ were shown to decrease arginase activity in the brain which left more arginine available for use by the nitric oxide synthase pathway. Clue: a kind of morning medicine

5. A clinical study shows that arginine has been found to be effective in reducing lipid peroxidation and increasing ______ function. Clue: mental abilities

6. Is it a good thing for your brain to be overrun with microglia residents? Yes or no?

7. A specific mouse model (CVN-AD) is an ______ species designed to have an immune system more similar to the one found in humans. Clue: designed

11. As a result of the mice using DFMO, the scientists saw fewer microglia and plaques develop, and the mice performed better on ______ tests. Clue: the power to recall

12. Microglia are types of brain-______ white blood cells. Clue: inhabitant

13. The new Duke U. finding reveals that brain immunity decline is due to a dwindling supply of the nutrient ______ . Clue: an amino acid that starts with A


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