Manufacturing Excellence

early a year ago, we hired Dale Fowkes to create and run our manufacturing department. We had known Dale for many years and were quite aware of his integrity and reliability. Now, on every level, in every process, everywhere you look in our manufacturing area there are signs of Dale's fanaticism for methodology, precision and quality. Here are just a few examples:

  • The ceiling tiles are each individually wrapped in clear plastic. Why? To preserve the integrity of our reduced-humidity environment; and so that no dust can collect in the pores of the ceiling tiles and possibly fall off and find its way into one of our products.

  • The encapsulation machine is disassembled, cleaned (certain parts are sterilized) and polished every evening, even when it doesn't appear to need it!

  • No expense has been spared to create a state-of-the-art air filtration and conditioning control system. Ducting has been designed so that only filtered, dehumidified air is pumped into the encapsulation area.

Furthermore, the area is designed with several small rooms — some with seals around the doors — so that clean air flows out of (not into) the critical areas, and then through the rest of the rooms.

We are certain that few supplement companies run their manufacturing departments this way, but we consider it imperative to go the extra distance to insure only the highest quality and to inspire confidence in the quality of our products. And, since we use these products ourselves, we can appreciate how important that is.

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