I would like to share my personal story in the hope that it will reach many women who, like myself, have been suffering through years of recurring migraine headaches.

Leah (right) and Claudia Risica at recent exposition in Southern California.
I started experiencing migraines when I was about 12 years old. I had seen my mother suffer from them for years and I remember her locking herself in her room for hours, completely unable to function during those times. I was always horrified at the pain in her face and wished that I could make it go away for her. Surely there was something she could take to relieve the pain. Like mother, like daughter, my turn came and I have spent the last 25 years trying every migraine remedy on the market, many times ending up in the emergency room of the hospital hooked up with an I.V. of Demoral.® I tried natural approaches such as growing my own feverfew, an herb that is supposed to reduce the severity and frequency of migraines, and changing my diet to eliminate those foods that are supposed to trigger migraines. None of these remedies really helped much and I began to look away from drugs and really seek out the answer as to what was the root of the problem. My practitioner narrowed it down to my hormonal cycle. My migraines always came on about a day or two before the onset of my period. This was good news in one aspect but bad in the other because the anticipation of knowing when it was going to happen and that it was going to happen again and again until I was menopausal, caused me great anxiety.

Fortunately, at this point in my life I have a great advantage; I work for Life Enhancement Products and I am able to look at the literature and studies first hand. In January we ran an issue of Life Enhancement News that introduced the many benefits of natural Progesterone. This was primarily addressed at menopausal women, but there was good indication that this wonderful little hormone relieved migraine headaches. The following month we did a follow-up article on the subject of natural hormones, interviewing Dr. John Lee and Dr. Jonathon Wright, two very brilliant men who are leading the path in educating both the public and physicians about the benefits of using a hormone that is naturally produced by the body, as opposed to the synthetic hormones that have been pushed for years by the medical community. Now I am only 37 and not premenopausal at all, but the idea that the imbalance in my hormone levels was causing my migraine headaches made a whole lot of sense to me, especially since my migraines had really started when I started menstruating as a young teen.

To make a long story end wonderfully short, I started using the natural progesterone cream in January. I use it two weeks out of every month from day 12 to day 26. I am ecstatic to say that with no other changes or medications of any kind I have been migraine-free for 5 months now. As if this weren’t enough, I have also eliminated all signs and symptoms of PMS. PMS was not a real significant issue for me, but it is for many women that I talk to every day. So … if you are a woman that has been searching for an answer for and relief from the debilitating effects of migraine headaches (especially if they are most severe or frequent around the time of menses) I would suggest that you consider a hormonal imbalance and start using natural progesterone cream. It has changed my life. I no longer dreadfully await that day each month that the door gets locked, the lights are off and the ice pack is my closest friend.

— Leah Borchert

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