It’s good news to be able to order Melatonin and DHEA in France again. Here include my order.

I think you will be pleased to hear some words about your products.

With Melatonin, I have lost, in two months, 20 kg. Since I have no more Melatonin, it’s hard to keep my weight at 70 kg. I can assure you there was no institutional diet involved, just three equilibrated meals, a logical food selection, and less quantity needed. With Melatonin I feel better, I awake in better form than ever. I have even bought some barbells and a bike and I practice a daily gym. I could not have believed it before. Really, Melatonin has improved my life.

The DHEA has no such action, so I tried one capsule before going to bed, it works, I could not sleep.

The Acetyl Glucosamine made every old broken arm pain vanish. It should be proposed to kinesitherapeutes, no side effect compared with allopathy anti-inflammatory drugs.

Felicitation for your publication service. It is great help to understand and I do not look at it only as a magazine. In France the nutritionists distribution is lab’s publications, it’s unbelieved. They are allowed only to protein, enzyme, medicinal plants and vitamins since years. They are not so dynamic as you are.

— Daniel Gouin

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