You may find the enclosure of interest. Prevention is clearly oriented towards women, so frightening with the prospect of mustaches and chest hair (which I, of course, find charming on a woman) will resonate.

My first before-bedtime use of 5-HTP [SeroTonic™] afforded me the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. However, on my second night combining it with melatonin made me somewhat more groggy than relaxed. One reason I missed tryptophan is that it relieved both the pain and the anxiety associated with my temporal mandibular joint syndrome. Welcome 5-HTP! Shame on the FDA!

Despite not yet having the benefit of your advice on the matter, I’m ordering Life Enhancement Product’s Acetyl Glucosamine, in hopes it may favorably impact on the joint mentioned above.

By the way, that other “joint,” the one never affected by arthritic disorders, certainly responds to the combination of 5-HTP and L-Arginine [ProSexual Plus™]. If not careful, I’ll get arrested!

— Bob Alford

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