Galantamine Benefits Heart as Well as Mind

Galantamine is widely known to be beneficial for your mind. But who would have suspected that it could be of value for your heart too? Yet, a new study indicates that galantamine can help heart function by promoting good-angiogenesis. In this study, galantamine was found to enhance angiogenic factor expression through nicotinic receptors or acetylcholine esterase inhibition and that skeletal muscle-derived stem cells expressing non-neuronal acetylcholine can be modulated by the nutrient galantamine.

These stem cells possess the ability to produce angiogenic factors, including fibroblast growth factor-2 and vascular endothelial growth factor, both of which are needed for angiogenesis. And these stem cells also synthesize acetylcholine, a synthesis augmented by galantamine’s activity. In other words, in addition to muscle stem cells synthesizing acetylcholine, galantamine inhibits the enzymatic breakdown of acetylcholine, and together produce angiogenesis to protect heart function, especially when some partial area of the heart or the brain is denied blood due to an obstruction in the normal blood supply.

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