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Take Galantamine to Heart
by Dr. Joyce Block

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7. In a healthy state, there is a perfect balance between the ______ and off switches involved in the process of angiogenisis. Clue: a word used when you feel you are functioning optimally.

8. Angiogenesis can also occur in the body’s organs—such as the heart and brain—when some partial area is denied blood due to an ____ in the normal blood supply. Clue: obstacle.

11. A study has demonstrated that the amino acid ____ can come to the rescue and be of great assistance in promoting angiogenesis. Clue: think InnerPower™.

12. Galantamine has not been associated with ___ angiogenesis in the scientific literature. Clue: the name of Michael Jackson’s 7th album.

16. Once again, galantamine hits that target and accordingly, through the enhancement of angiogenic factor expression, may help both the brain and the ____ when some partial area is denied blood due to an obstruction in the normal blood supply. Clue: an organ not usually associated with the benefits of galantamine that can die from blockage to its oxygen supply.

17. Because of their general benevolence, nutrient agents, such as arginine, have entered the realm of pro-angiogenesis ___. Clue: to search again.


1. A very new paper has just been ePublished (it has not yet occurred in print) suggesting that galantamine may yet be another nutrient able to act as pro-angiogenesis ___. Clue: emissary.

2. The ability to grow new blood ___ from existing ones is called angiogenesis. Clue: container (pl.).

3. The answer to dealing with the good and bad aspects of angiogenesis is found in the escalating field of proangiogenesis research called ____ angiogenesis. Clue: healing.

4. Professor Einstein, who does guest appearances in our magazine, has earned his place by being a scientific sleuth; the brainchild of scientific geniuses who apply science to real people for enhanced, extended, healthy and intelligent life. What ad is he hiding behind in this issue? Clue: this requires you to be the sleuth.

5. ___ healing depends on a well-balanced regulation of inflammation and angiogenesis. Clue: an injury of a physical or psychological nature .

6. Under normal condistions, angiogenenis is ____. Clue: what most parents want their children to be.

7. Angiogenesis facilitates the delivery of more blood—hence more ___, nutrients, and essential growth factors—to areas of the body that request it. Clue: O (symbol).

9. Because of their general benevolence, nutrient agents, such as arginine, have entered the ___ of proangiogenesis research. Clue: arena.

10. In what disease can angiogenesis be a bad thing? Clue: the big “C,” but read on to discover the intracacies of good and bad.

13. In ____, angiogenesis is not a frequent occurrence, except during wound healing, when new blood vessels are needed to nourish new tissue. Clue: “big” people (pl.).

14. Galantamine delivers more oxygen and nutrients through a non-neural ___. Clue: route.

15. In the new study, galantamine was found for the first time to ___ angiogenic factor expression through nicotinic receptors or acetylcholine (ACh) esterase inhibition (AChEI). Clue: an AChEI inhibitor. Clue: the first part of the second word that is the name of our company.


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