A Letter from Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

Dear Friends,

I would like to tell you about a new book that could help make your postmenopausal years significantly more healthy and fulfilling … and might even save your life.

It’s called Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45.

It contains eye-opening facts about the natural treatment of menopausal symptoms … facts that have never before been brought to the public light …

It’s hard to read the papers or listen to the news these days without hearing something about the benefits of hormone replacement for relieving annoying symptoms of menopause … like hot flashes and vaginal thinning … and the long-term risks … like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Because these symptoms and risks result from a natural fall in the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, it’s not too surprising that replacing these hormones can help relieve many of these symptoms and minimize many of these risks.

Unfortunately, while the concept of hormone replacement is quite simple, actually practicing it has turned out to be very complicated, at least in the way most doctors in this country approach it. The current “standard” regimen, used by the vast majority of physicians, is called HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

  • Believe it or not … conventional HRT usually involves giving human women the drug Premarin,® which is a potent mixture of horse estrogens.

  • Even more unbelievable … Premarin and other patentable synthetic “estrogens” are acknowledged to cause cancer of the uterine lining in a significant proportion of women who take them!

To prevent this “estrogen”-caused cancer, physicians should be giving the hormone progesterone. Instead, conventional medicine has chosen to use another synthetic drug called Provera.® Although Provera does help prevent uterine cancer, it has its own long list of unwanted effects. Most shockingly, Provera erases most of the protection against heart disease that you get from “estrogen.”

Nowhere is this more clearly shown than in the results of a large, US government-sponsored trial known as the PEPI (Postmenopausal Progesterone/Estrogen Intervention) Study. As anyone can see by looking at the graph on this page, Provera eats away most of the protection against heart disease (by reducing levels of HDL cholesterol) provided by “estrogen” replacement. By contrast, natural progesterone maintains that protection.

This fact should be obvious to anyone … but when conventional HRT researchers looked at these data, they barely noticed the effect of natural progesterone. So biased were they against natural hormones that all they could see was, “Estrogen is good for a woman’s heart.”

Yet, for many women, protection against heart disease is the main reason they started HRT in the first place! If Provera removes that protection, why bother with “estrogen” in the first place? In the words of one British researcher, who recently found that Provera may actually increase a woman’s risk of having a heart attack, Provera “is worse than no treatment at all.”

My new book, Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45, offers you a better way.

How natural progesterone protects against heart disease, but Provera does not. (Results of the PEPI Study)
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In easy-to-understand, non-medical language, I explain why …

  • Natural hormone replacement (NHR) employs versions of the three human estrogens — estriol, estradiol, and estrone — plus progesterone that are identical to the hormones the human body naturally produces taken in close-to-natural proportions and timing.

  • NHR is completely safe and without serious unwanted effects.

  • NHR is just as effective — probably even more effective — than conventional HRT at reducing the symptoms of menopause and minimizing postmenopausal risks.

  • NHR can restore your hormone levels to those that occurred naturally during the youthful prime of your life.

  • NHR not only eliminates the symptoms of menopause … it also makes you look and feel younger … enhances your interest in sex … and may even help you live a longer and more youthful life.

It is indeed strange. Although natural hormone replacement has been available for over a decade … most doctors in this country have never even heard of it!

Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45 will tell you everything you need to know about NHR — everything your doctor probably doesn’t know and won’t tell you. For example, you’ll learn …

  • Why unnatural hormone-like drugs like Premarin and Provera are dangerous and completely foreign to a woman’s body.

  • Why conventional treatments for menopause that employ these imitation “hormones” are risky and unpleasant.

  • Why, despite these important drawbacks, conventional HRT has long been the only choice offered to women by their doctors and by the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Why research demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of natural hormone replacement has been available for decades … but has been largely ignored by conventional medicine.

  • Why the synthetic drugs used to treat menopause are vastly more profitable for the pharmaceutical industry than are natural hormones … even though the synthetics are demonstrably inferior and far more dangerous.

  • How pharmaceutical companies, working with the FDA, have created and perpetuated the myth that synthetic hormones are superior to natural hormones … even though the few head-to-head comparisons that have been done show natural hormones to be clearly superior.

  • Why the medical establishment, including most physicians in the United States, believes this myth … and, consequently, ignores, or even disdains research about natural hormones.

  • Why a growing number of doctors throughout the world are coming to recognize that the production of Premarin and similar drugs violates medical ethics.

You may be asking yourself … “If natural hormone replacement is so good, why haven’t I heard about it before?” … And that is a very good question.

The next time a menopausal horse comes to me for treatment, I’ll be happy to prescribe Premarin. But human women deserve something better … something human.

I’ve been prescribing natural hormones for women going through menopause since 1982. The 2,000 or so women I’ve worked with have safely achieved results far superior to those possible with conventional menopause treatments … including, remarkably, the actual reversal of osteoporosis. … No conventional hormone treatment can make this claim.

I can’t remain silent any longer about the benefits of NHR while an ever-increasing number of women are starting down the road of conventional “hormone replacement therapy” without ever being told that …

  • they are gambling with their lives …

  • and that there is a natural alternative with all the benefits and much less danger.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with my coauthor, John Morgenthaler, to write Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45.

Understandably, this is a subject I feel very passionately about. In fact, when I approached the publisher to suggest the idea for this book, I insisted that it should be sold for only $9.95. I felt that the message of this book is so important, that I wanted to make sure the price would not be a barrier to anyone and that the maximum number of people could read its message.

I want you to have an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of natural hormone replacement right now by buying Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45.

You’ll not only learn everything you need to know about what natural hormones can do for you … you’ll also learn …

  • how to find a qualified doctor who can prescribe them for you ...

  • how to locate a pharmacy that sells them, and …

  • how to use them to enhance your quality of life.

Please buy a copy of Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45. If you’re currently taking (or may ever take) drugs like Premarin, Provera, or an “estrogen” patch or cream, this book may literally save your life!


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