Taking 2–3 g of Omega-3s may reduce sudden heart attack death by 50–80%
Alluring Research for Muscle Strength and Optimal Cardio Fitness
by Dr. Joyce Block

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4. Omega-3 marine oils are significant risk reducers for heart disease, the number one ________ in the U.S. Clue: “Terminator” and I don’t mean Arnold.

5 . The loss of muscular fitness that comes with age is called ________. Clue: The “official” name for what is the cause of hanging skin that shows itself as we age.

8 . Omega-3 supplements were associated with a 3.6% increase in muscle volume in the thigh and a 4% increase in muscle strength, according to the findings published in the American ________ of Clinical Nutrition. Clue: A publication dedicated to scientific research.

10 . A heart rate arrhythmia in which the heart rate exceeds normality is called ________. Clue: Means swift-heart (from the Greek, “swift” + Greek “kardia,” heart).

12 . In the study cited, you would have to consume 6 pounds of fish per week, to ________ an equivalent amount of Omega-3s as supplements. Clue: Get; and the price of the fatty fish mentioned here, it would be very expensive.

13 . In the study cited in this article, participants who benefited, took 1.86 g per day of EPA and 1.5 g of DHA equivalent to Omega-3 content of 200-400 g (90.88 lb). Reading labels to determine your therapeutic dose is always recommended. Clue: Equal to.

14 . Because you are under 50, you might not think about sarcopenia, or muscle mass and function loss, but actually this process of deterioration is found to affect you as young as ________-five. Clue: Acting on this article’s information you won’t be lured by the jokes that start with this particular age. For example, “At 40, it takes longer to rest than it did to get tired.”


1. Omega-3s should be considered a therapeutic approach for preventing sarcopenia and maintaining physical ________ in mid-life and in the elderly. Clue: A value that many Americans are moving away from (according to the 2013 Index of Dependence on Government).

2 . Omega-3s also reduce death from arrhythmias, including ventricular ________. Clue: The most commonly identified arrhythmia in cardiac arrest.

3 . This nutritional supplement also diminishes thrombosis (formation of ________ clots), and thus helps prevent myocardial infarction (heart attacks). Clue: Rhymes with flood.

6 . Taking 2-3 grams per day of Omega-3s can reduce your risk of sudden heart attack death by fifty to ________%. Clue: A percentage that is 20 less than 100 and fantastic news for everyone who seeks long life.

7 . Alluring Omega-3s is the inventive name for a new product. It is called “alluring” because it is made from line-caught calamari caught with ________ known as squid jigs. Clue: Seductive bait of the non-human kind, but probably much more healthy for life itself.

9 . First author of the study, Gordon Smith, Ph.D., showed that 6 months of [Omega-3] therapy had statistically and clinically significant beneficial effects on thigh muscle volume, handgrip ________, and upper- and lower-body 1-RM muscle ________ and tended to increase the average isokinetic leg muscle power. Clue: Physical power.

11 . Because of the impressive value of Omega-3 therapy, known to prevent 2-3 years of the normal age-associated losses in muscle mass (~0.5-1.0% per year) and function (~2-3% per year), Omega-3 supplements may represent the biggest bang for your ________. Clue: A green deer. :)


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