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Volume 18 No. 3 • July 2015

The Difference Between Modern Men and Those That Preceded Them
A philosophical speculation
by Sandy Shaw

An interesting thing to think about is: when were men smart enough to realize that everything might be explainable as the result of a natural process? You go back to Benjamin Franklin (not so long ago) and if you showed him, say, an iPOD, he would not know how it worked but he would be quite sure that there was a natural explanation for what it did, that it was not MAGIC.

Then go back to Leonardo da Vinci (1459-1512?), if you showed him an iPOD, he too wouldn’t have any idea how it worked, but we are sure (though we can’t prove it) that he would believe it to be a device explainable by natural processes, not MAGIC. You can go back pretty far in recorded history and there were men of genius who would be capable of such a distinction, natural processes explained how things worked, MAGIC was not needed. An example was very early astronomical theorists who thought that stars in the sky were probably natural bodies much like our sun or perhaps like planetary bodies. These men had little actual data but were using a large brain capable of very sophisticated thoughts to imagine what might explain lights they saw in the sky. So how far back would you have to go to reach a point where some humans had just begun to think that natural processes could explain everything and you didn’t need to invoke MAGIC. I think that was when you could say that modern man had arrived.

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