Boswell Relief or SmartZyme?

Q. Dear Dr. Dean,

Can you tell me if one would do better taking Boswell ­Relief or Smartzyme for elevated cytokines?

GREG, Minneapolis, MN

Dear Greg,

Which cytokines? Is any particular disease or condition that you know of causing these cytokines to be elevated?

I don’t think there’s any one best remedy for lowering abnormally elevated inflammatory cytokines. I recommend a combination. For example, Boswellia, as you suggested, is a good one.1 As are the proteolytic anti-inflammatory enzyme combinations such as SmartZyme.2,3

However, don’t overlook a number of other powerful anti-inflammatory substances such as CoQ10 and DHEA. Scientists have demonstrated that CoQ10 taken at 150 mg dramatically lowers IL-6, HS-CRP (high-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) and homocysteine,4 and DHEA is well-documented to lower IL-6.5–7

Also, don’t discount the anti-inflammatory, cytokine-lowering properties of EGCG (the active ingredient in green tea),8 and Turmeric.9,10

Ward Dean, MD


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