Galantamine and Melatonin Are Brain Synergistic
One plus one equals more than two …
by Dr. Joyce Block

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3. It is widely known that sleep has an important role in memory consolidation. Furthermore, developing evidence links poor sleep to increased AD risk and memory ____. Clue: what you don't want to happen to your memory or your money

6. From the Clinical ___ in Aging study, it may be concluded that supplemental melatonin has positive effects on cognitive functioning and sleep maintenance in AD patients, suggesting a link between poor sleep and cognitive decline. Clue: acts that alter

11. What are the first names of the nutritional scientific duo whose work is reflective of the synergist process? Clue: known as the pioneers of anti-aging movement and authors of what many consider the most authoritative book on life extension

13. The results of the article’s studies also suggest that galantamine may represent a ___ inexpensive and effective therapeutic strategy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Clue: inventive

14. Neurodegeneration, such as dementia and AD, frequently produces neurobehavioral symptoms, including sleep disturbances typically characterized by ___ awakenings. Clue: opposite of daytime


1. The researchers showed that the combined therapy of melatonin and galantamine is beneficial as it restored all the pathological ___ such as amyloid aggregates, neuroinflammation, oxidative stress, and Tau hyperphosphorylation. Clue: changes

2. Melatonin helps anticipate the daily arrival of darkness and induces ___ as well as being involved in the synchronization of circadian rhythms. Clue: “perchance to dream”

4. In a new, not-yet published study, Spanish scientists provide experimental evidence on the _____ neuroprotective effect of the combination of melatonin and galantamine. Clue: cooperative interaction

5. Melatonin is involved in harmonizing physiological functions such as sleep timing and blood ___ regulation. Clue: when people say they are stressed, they are often feeling this kind of urgency

6. In a recent study of research done at several Egyptian Universities, galantamine significantly reduced all biomarkers of ___, with the highest dose showing the best beneficial anti-inflammatory effect. Clue: a localized protective reaction to irritation, infection, or injury

7. The cholinergic activity of galantamine may repair the sleep pattern by restoring regular functions of the hypothalamopituitary axis (HPA), ___ of which is associated with cognitive disorders and insomnia. Clue: diminishment

8. Galantamine provides a dual-mode action for boosting cholinergic function, thereby boosting brain levels of acetylcholine. Thus, ___ the brain’s nicotinic receptors so as to maintain their function. Clue: regulating

9. The AChEI galantamine is an alkaloid isolated from snowdrop and ___ flowers that has been used for AD. Clue: a snow crystal

10. The Spanish study was based on an Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-related pathology model in which it was found that ______ is reduced or even absent in people with AD. Clue: a hormone released by the brain’s pineal gland

12. Melatonin has negligible ___ and is able to reduce the side effects and increase the efficacy of other drugs or nutrients. Clue: poisonous qualities


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