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Volume 18 No. 4 • August 2015

Using Sleep to Brainwash: Reactivating Memories During Sleep of New Ways to Think About Race Learned While Awake Can Modify “Bad Attitudes,” Scientists Learn (Hu, 2015)

Using the same method of memory reactivation as described in an article above—in this case, memories of messages about race intended to “correct” bad attitudes associated with a sound that could then be used as a cue for memory reactivation during sleep, has produced true brainwashing in sleeping subjects who have no way to defend themselves against it (other than avoiding the “training” that provides the corrective messages in the first place).

As the commentary article (Hu, 2015) explains, the study shows how “... such unwanted attitudes may be persistently changed by a social counter-bias training when the fresh memories of this training are systemically reactivated during sleep after training.” “Only when this sound [the memory reactivation cue] was re-presented during slow wave sleep did the posttraining reduction in implicit social bias survive and was even evident 1 week later.” Whew! Only lasted a week, but you can be sure these do-gooders are looking for more lasting changes. Can you imagine the quiet dormitory with the sleeping students and in the background you hear this sound and, inside the minds of the hapless students, changes are taking place, messages from their “teachers” or authorities who know what is best for them are being subtly snuck into their minds so that when they wake up they have a new, “better” social attitude. Does this sound like Huxley’s “Brave New World” or The Prisoner’s Village? Indeed, the commentary brings up Huxley and his “Brave New World” after it has already occurred to us, mentioning the need for “ethical considerations.” Do you trust the folks who hold your kids prisoners in the public “education” system to share your own idea of appropriate ethical considerations? Getting CONSENT into as many of the things they can do to your kids in public schools is an urgent necessity.

The study was funded by Northwestern University and by National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health grants. However, the most revealing “Acknowledgement” might be that the final scientist on the list of those who did the work and who is, therefore, likely to be the scientist whose laboratory did the work, was said to have been an adviser to Sheepdog Sciences, a company developing educational technologies. Hence, this study is likely (we surmise) to represent the sort of approach to be taken in public education by a company trying to attract interest in its services. (You are the sheep—if you are lucky, you will be regularly sheared ... until you are deemed to be too old to be productive for the state, whence you become mutton.)

Rather than doing a study of learning that involved (say) science, the interest was in modifying racial attitudes. Beware, therefore, those of you who have children in the public education system. Your kids’ attitudes toward race and other politically charged issues that are none of their business seem to be on their minds for “educating” your kids while your kids sleep and you may not be told about this or your consent sought.


  • Hu, Antony, Creery, et al. Cognitive neuroscience. Unlearning implicit social biases during sleep. Science. 348:1013 (2015).
  • Feld and Born. Exploiting sleep to modify bad attitudes. Science. 348:971-2 (2015).

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