Quercetin Prolongs Healthspan

Imagine living a very long time, but continuing to age and becoming more decrepit with the loss of function after function, all the while in restless pain. Unfortunately, this is what many think when confronted with the idea of a longer lifespan. But it doesn’t have to be that way according to recent findings, especially an exemplary new study showing that healthspan may be prolonged.

In a recent “tour de force” scientific study, researchers at the Scripps Research Institute (SRI), the Mayo Clinic, and other institutions began with the assumption that the accumulations of senescent cells are associated with accelerated aging. Senescent cells stop dividing and secrete compounds that both harm surrounding tissue structure and raise the odds of nearby cells also becoming senescent. Searching for ways to eliminate senescent cells in the body that have become destructive, they found two compounds, a nutrient (quercetin) and a drug, that could induce cell suicide of senescent cells (separately and together), leading to improved cardiovascular function and exercise endurance, reduced osteoporosis and frailty, and extended healthspan in mice developed to age rapidly. The researchers anticipate that the so-called senolytics will work in humans; thus this new therapy could truly be an “anti-aging” intervention.

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