Healthspan Trumps Lifespan
Quercetin Prolongs Healthspan
by Dr. Joyce Block

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1. The Scripps et al study found that quercetin seemed to work ___ for endothelial cells in arteries and dasatinib was best for fat stem cells. Clue: the word you might use when you describe someone you like or admire

7. In the Mayo Clinic’s conflict of interest section, it is stated that the authors have a ____ interest related to this research. Clue: $

8. Eos forgot to ask Zeus for eternal ____, so Tithonus just got older and older and so we learn the moral myth is that healthspan trumps lifespan. Clue: a period in which we rarely think about “aging”

12. The name given to the 2 compounds that induced apoptosis and improved lifespan is ___. Clue: one of these compounds is quercetin

13. The Aging Cell study identified 2 compounds that could induce cell ______ in senescent cells. Clue: a self-induced, predominately sad, end to life

15. In comparing quercetin and disatinib in terms of cost, availability, and side effects, quercetin is the compound most likely to hold the title of “getting more bang for the ___.” Clue: a green male deer :))


2. The induction of apoptosis of senescent cells led to improved cardio function, exercise ___, osteoporosis reduction and extended lifespan in mice. Clue: resilience

3. Quercetin is found as a flavonol in fruits and vegetables and is also an antihistamine, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-cancer ____. Clue: Professor Einstein, a biomedical sleuth disguised as a coyote, who makes magazine appearances, could be called this

4. Recent distinguished studies began with the assumption that the accumulations of senescent cells are associated with ____ aging. Clue: rapid

5. “It may eventually become feasible to delay, prevent, alleviate, or even reverse multiple chronic diseases and disabilities, as a group …” Clue: who said this?

6. Compared to the drug, ___, quercetin has fewer side effects and is more affordable and available. Clue: cancer drug

9. Senescent cells stop dividing and secrete ___ compounds. Clue: opposite of helpful

10. The point is not only living ___, but living healthier. Clue: rhymes with stronger

11. The Aging Cell study found that senescent cells were similar to ____ cells. Clue: malignant cells

14. Eros didn’t want Tithonus to grow old and die, so she asked Zeus to give him ___ life. Clue: infinite


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