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Volume 18 No. 5 • September 2015


Another fascinating section of the book (reference given just above) was written by A. G. Karczmar. Entitled “Overview: Cholinergic Drugs and Behavior—What Effects May Be Expected from a ‘Cholinergic Diet’,” it contained a remarkable report on a very early (1972) paper on the effects of the cholinergic system on sexual activity. “The significance of supraspinal cholinergic mechanisms was dramatically illustrated by Heath [reference given below] when he demonstrated that intraseptal administration of ACh [acetylcholine] evoked orgastic behavior in several patients that was indistinguishable overtly, subjectively, and electroencephalographically from spontaneous coital behavior ...” Note, however, that Heath also reported a similar action of norepinephrine. “Generation of hippocampal theta waves by cholinergic agonists and anti-ChEs [anticholinesterases] should be emphasized, as this pattern is a concomitant of coital behavior. It must be added that the hippocampus and other limbic sites such as the amygdala known to control sexual behavior are innervated cholinergically.” WOW!!


  • Heath. Pleasure and brain activity in man. J Nerv Ment Dis. 154:3-18 (1972).

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