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Resveratrol Moderates Alzheimer’s Severity
by Dr. Joyce Block

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2. Recent studies show that the beneficial effects of resveratrol are not only limited to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action but also include activation of SIRT1 and ____. Clue: a group of genes involved in preserving homeostasis during stressful conditions

5. Resveratrol is a member of the stilbene ___ which acts as an antifungal molecule in a variety of plant species. Clue: a group of people who live together and are related to one another, usually consisting of parents and children

6. In the new report, the first study of resveratrol in people with AD, researchers reported that a purified form of resveratrol helped ___ amyloid-beta40 (Aβ40) levels in the blood. Clue: to become steady or unchanging

7. Researcher Turner stated this noteworthy comment .“It does appear that resveratrol was able to ___ the blood brain barrier, which is an important observation.” Clue: infiltrate

9. A study’s finding suggests that resveratrol could help change the balance from Aβ40 buildup in the brain to ___ protein in the body, where it is less reflective of neurodegeneration. Clue: to moving in a circle

11. One of the tests that Dr. Turner administered showed that people who took resveratrol showed less decline in daily activities such as cooking, getting dressed, using a telephone, tasks of everyday life, compared with the ___ group. Clue: inactive test substance

12. Georgetown University researcher Turner, anecdotally concluded that patients who took resveratrol told the researchers that they felt like they were maintaining their ___ ability. Clue: the fear of losing this, as we age, is very common

13. A decrease in Aβ40 is seen in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid as dementia ___ and Alzheimer’s disease progresses. Stabilization is good. Clue: to become worse

14. The current study was the largest nationwide clinical trial to study high-dose resveratrol long-term in people with mild to ___ AD. Clue: middle of the road


1. A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicenter study has discovered that high doses of ___ may be beneficial for fighting Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Clue: a member of the stillbene family found in red wine

3. Researcher R. Scott Turner, M.D., PhD, stated, “We don’t quite fully understand why or how, but [we] think it may be related to ___.” Clue: proteins that are activated by caloric restriction, as well as by resveratrol

4. At the highest dose given in the study (2,000 mg resveratrol per day), you’d have to drink at least 400 bottles of red ___ per day to obtain that much resveratrol. Clue: the fermented juice of grapes

8. Resveratrol reacts to a ___ attack or under stress conditions such as UV radiation and exposure to heavy metal ions. Clue: an infectious biological agent that causes damage to its host

10. Collectively, the studies discussed in this article suggest that resveratrol may be an effective therapeutic ____ in neurodegenerative diseases initiated or maintained by inflammatory processes. Professor Coyote is one of these but operates in the realm of innovative bioscience

11. Dietary supplementation with resveratrol reduced ___ pathology in a mice model of AD. Clue: a flat, often raised, patch on the skin or other organ, as on the inner lining of arterial walls in atherosclerosis.


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