Complementing Thyroid Supplements

Dear Dr. Dean,

I use your thyroid formulation for women. In checking, my TSH was perfect 1.5, my Free T4 did not come out as well it was .94, my Free T3 was off the charts high 4.4, my Reverse T3 I felt was high 17.

My ranges and weight always do well if my numbers are in the upper 3rd range, but right now everything is off kilter. My doctor wants me to take one of your capsules and add 120mg a day Armour. I do not want my Free T3 to go any higher. It is high enough just now. Synthroid brings up T4 numbers, but I really was trying to stay with natural supplements. My cortisol was 16.8 and that was through blood, not saliva. I have gained 15 lbs since my numbers have gone crazy. I eat very healthy, no sugar or bread. I combine as I am supposed to. I had lost 30lbs, and then numbers went out of sorts and have gained 15lbs and no matter what I do, no budging. That is why I think this free T3 being way up and the T4 being way down has affected me a lot. Do you have a suggestion on your medicine and on what my doctor is saying?

ANNE, Maysville, GA

Dear Anne,

First, how old are you, how are you feeling, and what is your heart rate? What is your T3? And have you checked your TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibodies)? TSH is a pituitary hormone, and many folks who are hypothyroid do better if it is pushed close to zero. If your heart rate is normal, and you are having hypothyroid symptoms, I would likely agree with your physician, and adjust your dose of Armour (or the less expensive Nature-Throid). You can’t get much more “natural” than those products, as they are nothing more than desiccated pig thyroid, which provides a balance of T2, T3 and T4. If your TPO is up (indicative of Hashimoto’s), you may need some anti-inflammatory substances like ground turmeric root and boswellia serata gum extract in addition to the thyroid.

For help with weight loss, ask your physician to prescribe a combination of Metformin and Acarbose.

Hope this helps,

Ward Dean, MD

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