Mindspan in Japan

Galantamine may be more valuable in countries where people are living longer. According to two new Japanese studies, prompted by the growing increase in the number succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease, Japan represents the future of where the US is going, depriving America of the wisdom of its seniors.

Because these two new studies have a certain level of underlying desperation, they are typically longer than most American or European studies. And the findings are showing increased efficacy for the nutrient galantamine. Not only that. Galantamine preserves cognitive function. Galantamine improves severe behavior and planning deficits. It also slows the rate of disease progression and moderates severe AD.

In summary, the present results from the two studies find that galantamine is effective and even for older AD patients, a path of investigation that the US is following but not as fast as Japan. Better late than never!

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