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3. Not only does a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s alter the life of the person with the disease, it changes the lives of their ___ and friends. Clue: those closest to you, mostly with biological connections

6. The study shows that the moderate to severe AD group showed less deterioration in ABS and ___ scores after 24 months of galantamine therapy than the mild AD group. Clue: the acronym that stands for daily functioning

8. In the OLDS study, anti-AD drugs and an anti-AD nutrient ___ were effective even for older AD patients, and the clinical benefits of each drug showed only a small difference with regard to gender. Clue: nutrient taken from the snowdrop plant (European spelling)

9. In Japan, too few births combined with lifespan lengthening are skewing the country into an aged society. This can be thought of as a “___ tsumani.” Clue: if you're not using hair coloring past 60, you would have to check this color on i.d. forms

11. In Japan, more than 4.6 million people are living with dementia while in the ___ it’s 5.3 million. Clue: us

12. Even though the Japanese outlive us, the torture of ___ one’s mind may be spread out over a longer period of time. Clue: when you’re not winning, you’re probably doing this


1. The solutions to AD lie in the market place, where ideas have a better chance of ___ owing to the great inducement of financial success atop any “humanitarian” goal. Clue: opposite of losing

2. How long the mind can be kept agile and active refers to a more than just “lifespan.” This aspect of the lifespan is aptly named ______. Clue: mental capacity

4. In the United States the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is 11%, but in _____ it’s 15%. Clue: this country’s birth rate shrank by its largest amount in 2014; also the home of sushi

5. The FAB test measures cognitive ___. Clue: functionally defective

7. The Japanese OGS study showed that galantamine is more effective in terms of significantly improving in the Geriatric ____ Scale. Clue: what I say is the opposite of EXPRESSION

10. The ____ study revealed that all the three AD drugs, along with the nutrient galantamine, preserved cognitive functions until 12 months. Clue: one of the studies cited in this article

13. “Alzheimer’s disease,” said team leader Takaomio _____, “will destroy Japan’s social welfare mechanisms in the near future …” Clue: name of the team leader at Riken’s Brain Science Institute


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