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Volume 18 No. 7 • November 2015

When It Doesn’t Pay to Pee on Somebody Else’s Wall

A clever new way to deter people from urinating on your walls, doors, etc. was reported in the Sept. 28, 2015 Chemical & Engineering News, Newscripts, pg. 56.

We hope this will find a positive reception from those under attack by people who find it convenient to pee on your doorstep. Even if they don’t have anyplace to use a toilet, they could still pee into a bush or against a telephone pole rather than on somebody’s wall. It seems to us pretty likely that there is a certain malicious intent involved in doing it on somebody’s door or wall of their house. Reminds us of how cats will do that sometimes to show humans that they can do what they like whether you like it or not.

The city of San Francisco is said to be testing a superhydrophobic coating sprayed onto walls that is so water repellant that it causes any urine hitting them to bounce back onto the culprit who emitted the pee, hitting them on their shoes or even on their pants. The city’s director of public works is calling it “pee-back” for bad behavior. The coating is manufactured by UltraTech International in Jacksonville, Florida and named Ultra-Ever Dry.® “It is sprayed onto a surface in two coats. The base coat contains xylene and tert-butyl acetate, while the primary substance in the top coat is acetone.” It is said to create a nanoscale surface texture with geometric shapes that have peaks that repel water-based liquids.

It is interesting that San Francisco, home of politicians and bureaucrats wildly averse to “chemicals” and with a tendency to see deadly effects from any “chemicals,” that they have considered the use of this stuff. They must be desperate. Or perhaps they are becoming reasonable about the risk/benefits of the use of chemical substances —but, Nah, that seems unlikely.

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