Low DHEA Levels Linked to Burnout

As an important anabolic protective hormone for health maintenance, as many studies have shown, DHEA levels peak in young adults and decline thereafter with age. For this and other reasons it is known as the youth hormone. DHEA has previously been shown to be lower in individuals reporting prolonged stress. Extending that finding, a new investigational study has discovered that DHEA levels are low in patients with clinical burnout, a disorder caused by long-term psychosocial stress.

Burnout is defined as a negative affective state consisting of emotional exhaustion, cognitive weariness and physical fatigue, which is caused by chronic psychosocial stress. When prior studies are examined, the results show that DHEA can help each one of the burnout characteristics. This makes it clear that what is suggested in the new study foe younger patients, may apply to all those with clinical burnout, whatever their age.

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