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Volume 18 No. 7 • November 2015

Famous Physicist, Dr. Freeman Dyson, Says Climate Models Used to Predict Warming Are Getting Worse, Not Better

Freeman Dyson, 91 years old, has made a public statement* deploring the fact that President Obama, who Dr. Dyson says he likes and also says “I’m 100 percent Democrat myself,” has chosen the “wrong side” on the climate change issue. Dyson speculates that the issue is only partly explained by following the money (billions of government grant money on “climate change”), but also reflects (he thinks) a kind of collective yearning for apocalyptic doom.

Dr. Dyson was quoted as saying that the current scientific obsession with climate change is “not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to the obvious facts?” It may have something to do with the recently noted (in Science and Nature) phenomenon of scientists having biases in favor of particular interpretations of data that support their political orientations. This is causing some concern among scientists who see this as something that could undermine public trust in science. (See, for example, the lead editorial in the 8 Oct. 2015 Science. Let’s think about cognitive bias.” A couple of quotes from the editorial: “One enemy of robust science is our humanity—our appetite for being right, and our tendency to find patterns in noise, to see supporting evidence for what we already believe is true, and to ignore the facts that do not fit.” “Another common fallacy in research is the Texas sharp-shooter effect—firing off a few rounds and then drawing a bull’s eye around the bullet holes.”)

* In an interview with Andrew Orlowski of THE REGISTER (a British rag). Reported in


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