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Volume 18 No. 1 • April 2015


This Executive Order was issued on April 1, 2015 under the authority of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f), and Section 301 of Title 3, United States Code. Durk checked this by going to the White House website and verified that it was NOT an April Fools Day joke but a bona fide dangerous ukase emanating officially from the 21st century czar in the White House.

Oh no! Not another disaster to add to your growing list of disasters to worry about!! Sorry, this was NOT our idea and we sure don’t like having to add it to our own list of growing disasters, but here it is. This one is, sad to say, something to REALLY worry about. What can you do about it? Perhaps not much at the moment, but it is something you ought to know. Not knowing about it may be a good way to be surprised when the authorities find you to somehow come under the “authority” of this monstrosity.


1. The first provision asserts the power of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to declare a national emergency because of the activities of persons located in whole or in substantial part outside of the U.S. to constitute a threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.

(Comment: That appears broad enough to include economic competitors to U.S. companies that are located in whole or in substantial part outside of the U.S. if, for example, they undercut the prices of American companies and, hence, “threaten” those companies by competing with them. An excellent excuse for special privileges for crony capitalists in addition to subjecting their competitors to the “blocking,” eg., freezing, of their properties in the United States)

(Comment #2: According to an analysis of this Executive Order, it allow the government to bypass due process and seize the assets (or at least to “block” them, whatever that means) of anybody suspected (suspicion does not require the filing of charges against or convicting anyone of anything) of hacking.

2. Under this Executive Order, President Obama orders that any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury in any cyber-enabled activities that represent threats to those activities listed in point #1 above or an entity that has materially contributed to activities posing such threats may have their property and interests in property blocked pursuant to this order. The difference between civil forfeiture and “blocking” is not here defined.

The making of donations of specific types (as specified in section 203(b)(2) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2)) are hereby prohibited by section 1 of this order. For example, if you donated money to an event at which Snowden gave a talk, you might come under this prohibition, in which case your assets might be “blocked” (frozen). The feds don’t even need to tell you whether prohibitions to that event are going to be treated as coming under this prohibition. Talk about having a chilling effect on freedom of speech!!

Other provisions include prohibition of “any transaction that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order ...” and also prohibitions against “any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth is this order...”

The executive order also “determines” that “there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to section 1 of this order.”


If you have been waiting for Executive Orders to invoke martial law, we may be seeing the first of the modern ones. “Hackers” are here being targeted as enemies of the state with the government setting them up to be deprived of their liberty and property without due process of law. And lest you think that although you use a computer, you aren’t a hacker, so you are safe from this, remember what happened to the Jews... “And when they came for me, there was nobody left who hadn’t already been taken away to help defend me.”

Don’t forget that we are still officially in a state of emergency as a result of executive orders from WWI, WWII, the Korean War, etc. etc.

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