Don't go over the cliff...
Decelerating Alzheimer’s Disease
by Dr. Joyce Block

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7. Lithium has been reported to be beneficial in animal models of brain injury, ____, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and more. Clue: For example, a blood clot block in the brain

8. Galantamine can significantly influence the ___ response via the cholinergic antiinflammatory pathway. Clue: resistant to infection

10. ____is part of a combination therapy in the nutritional armament against AD. Clue: powder obtained from a ginger family plant used in many Indian recipes. Who knew?

11. The ___ you remain intact cognitively, the greater your chance of defeating it in the long run and adding a great deal of life to your years. Clue: not shorter; but think of how you’d better get on board sooner and not later

14. If you slow down AD’s progression, the greater will be your chance to avoid the ___—off of which lies nonexistence. Clue: You want your galantamine stash to protect you from going over this precipice


1. The improved performance in context memory and spatial learning tests has been reported to be associated with reductions in plaque formation and gliosis in transgenic___ models. Clue: an animal with a long pinkish tail; a computer device

2. It has recently been learned that___can decelerate the progression of AD and provide relief of symptoms for this disorder. Clue: one of the major nutritional players in the AD battle

3. Galantamine may not only decelerate AD progression and provide symptomatic relief, but may also be involved in___pathophysiological mechanisms by alleviating Ab deposition and neuroinflamation. Clue: changing

4. Galantamine plays an essential role in restoring ___ function. Clue: thinking; something that p.c. educators see as secondary to feeling. Just sayin’

5. Pre-treatment of galantamine is effective in reducing ___ damage via an inhibitory effect. Clue: what the Strawman sought

6. In one recent study, researchers found that nerve growth factor (NGF) gene therapy activates ____responses in Alzheimer disease. Clue: impulse conducting cells

9. The proinflammatory expression in AD transgenic mice may be directly related to the ___ of soluble and insoluble Ab present in their brains. Clue: a quantity of something

12. Galantamine and NGF___ memory. Clue: what you want when you are lost at sea

13. Nerve growth factor is also expressed as ___. Clue: scientific abbreviation and not an acronym


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