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Taurine Stops Memory Loss
by Dr. Joyce Block

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3. Taurine is a brain food that helps brain function, including the maintenance of proper cerebral receptor function. What anti-aging scientists wrote this? Two names with no space

6. The passive avoidance test is a fear-motivated test to assess the function of the hippocampus and _____ of the subject. Clue: the center for emotion and motivation in the brain

8. Beethoven’s chances of _____ to create his 10th Symphony could probably have been increased if he had known (and acted on) the information that taurine has been found to decrease the damage of alcohol in the liver. Clue: when we’re not dying, it is said that we are doing this. Metaphorically, I mean.

10. From Life Extension News (Oct.15), Pearson & Shaw wrote, “We found that taurine increased cell proliferation in the dentate gyrus through the activation of _____ stem cells, resulting in increased number of stem cells and intermediate neural progenitors.” Clue: inactive; dormant

12. Because _____ has been demonstrated to be effective when taken in drinking water, this is a plus and great convenience for AD patients. Clue: an amino sulfonic acid often referred to as an amino acid

13. What kind of physiological loss prevented Beethoven from being able to experience the fullness of his 9th Symphony? Clue: one of the senses NOT mentioned in The Who’s renowned song title in the rock opera, Tommy

14. Taurine helps to promote a mellow mood without sedation or tranquilization and can be found in high concentrations in squid, shrimp, and _____. Clue: the pearl’s home


1. The reason Beethoven died was believed to be from excessive _____ consumption. Clue: spirits

2. In the KIST study, taurine decreased levels of amyloid-β aggregates in the cortex, but unlike acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, the _____ effects of taurine are dementia-specific, which may have great clinical impacts. Clue: good for you

4. Osmoregulators help maintain the proper balance of _____ in body fluid. Clue: the first thing a doctor tells you to cut down on when your blood pressure is high (plural)

5. In one study, scientists have found that people who have the _____ levels of taurine have the lowest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Clue: opp. of lowest

6. Taurine also acts as a thermoregulator, an anti-inflammatory _____, an antioxidant, an osmoregulator, and has even been found to help with heart disorders. Clue: Carrie’s role Homeland

7. Taurine has been found to affect the development of the central nervous system, stimulate the influx & adhesion of calcium at the cell membrane, stabilize protein folding, & helping regulate blood _____. Clue: the word used to communicate being overwhelmed

9. Professor Coyote can be spotted in this article enjoying what appears to be a glass of _____. Clue: fermented grapes

11. The gallbladder of an ox contains a constituent that chemists named taurine. Clue: derived from the Greek word _____ for bull or ox


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