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Volume 18 No. 4 • January 2016

Scintillia’s Holiday Cheesecake

Yummy and SO easy to make. Other than shopping for the ingredients, prep time is only about 10 minutes.

Nutritional benefits: 1. sweetened with erythritol, 2. the whipped topping is made of low fat, low sugar content chocolate mousse yogurt with live cultures. Erythritol is not only free of sucrose or sweeteners, both natural and synthetic, with various adverse effects, but it is a scavenger of damaging hydroxyl radicals. 3. Vanilla is a mild agonist to the TRPV1 receptor, while nutmeg in the quantities used for the cheesecake will give you, in a serving, a mild agonist dose to the TRPA1 receptor. Ever think of eating as a virtual chemistry book of ingredients and their effects? These days, it can seem a lot like that. Your taste buds won’t know the difference, though. It will all just taste wonderful to them.

Ingredients you’ll need:

• Canned pineapple slices in pineapple juice, six or seven slices

• 1 prepared graham cracker pie crust

• 1 pkg (8 oz) of cream cheese, softened

• Two or three 6 oz. servings of Yoplait whipped chocolate

• Mousse yogurt

• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

• Powdered nutmeg

• 1⁄3 cup erythritol

TIP: You don’t need to bake the prepared pie crust, though the package wrapper is likely to suggest it if you want a “golden” crust. The flavor difference is not very much whether “golden” or not.

1. Use a hand mixer or whip to blend the softened cream cheese and vanilla in a small bowl.

2. Line the pie crust with the drained slices of pineapple.

3. Pour the cream cheese and vanilla mixture evenly over the pineapple slices.

4. Sprinkle nutmeg over the cream cheese/vanilla layer to your taste.

5. Gently spoon out the chocolate mousse yogurt over the cream cheese/vanilla until even, without pressing down on it (so as to avoid squeezing out the air whipped into the mousse).

6. That’s it! You cover your pie shell containing its fillings with the plastic cover that generally comes with the prepared pie crust and refrigerate for three hours. Then ENJOY!!

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