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Stop Smoking with Galantamine
by Dr. Joyce Block

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1. Pretreatment with galantamine significantly reduced the ________-induced changes, levels of proinflammatory cytokines and MPO activity. Galantamine treatment significantly decreased the mortality rate. Clue: Lung pathological changes

3. The current U. Pa. studied male & female ________-seeking smokers, ages 18–60 years old who smoked at least 10 cigarettes per day for the previous 6 months. Clue: Therapy

6. Which is not a smoking-related disease: coronary artery disease, misophonia, stroke, peripheral vascular disease or COPD? Clue: Aversion issue

7. More recent reductions in smoking have been offset by the growing ________ in a single nation: China. Clue: Ingestion

9. Smoking remains the leading cause of ________ disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year, or 1 of every 5. Clue: The kind of disease we have some control over, but many people are still not deterred by this

10. The U. Pa. first study indicated that higher cognitive ________ may make withdrawal easier. Clue: Capacities

12. The galantamine group exhibited a ________ of 2.3 cigarettes per day whereas the placebo group only reduced by 1.3 cigarettes per day. Clue: Lowering

13. One of the adverse effects of smoking is ________ damage and a recent study finds that galantamine may be helpful for that too. Clue: An organ under the rib cage

14. Previous U. Pa. studies showed that acute administration of (AChEI) lessens nicotine taking and seeking in rats and suggests that AChEIs (especially galantamine) could be repurposed for smoking ________ in humans. Clue: Stoppage

15. In addition to rats, in the U. Pa. study, the researchers also used ________ and the findings were significant. Clue: Our own species (pl.)


2. Two weeks of daily galantamine treatment, 8 mg (week 1) and 16 mg (week 2), significantly reduced smoking rate as well as smoking satisfaction and reward compared with ________. Clue: Ineffective pill

4. In addition to the cognition-enhancing effects of galantamine, this natural plant extract offers value for smokers and possibly other ________. Clue: Drug (usually) dependent states

5. A new ________ study for the alleviation of lung damage by galantamine indicates that the same treatment that helps stop smoking may help heal some of the damage caused by smoking. Clue: P.R.C. (adj.)

8. There is even more validation that you can work on improving your ________, while at the same time, work on preventing smoking resumption. Clue: “Oh, I forgot the clue” is the clue

11. Nicotine replacement therapies, bupropion, and varenicline ________ rates remain high. Approximately 75% of smokers relapse within 6 months. Clue: A slipping back


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