Does Ginkgo Have a Negative Effect on Mice?

Hello Sir,

I am citing your article in which you discuss about a study of Ginkgo biloba negative effects on mice, which caused liver and thyroid cancer among them.

Although you raises doubt over the study as the quantity of Ginkgo was high in number but still I feel anxiety as I am regular in taker of Ginkgo.

Dear Amit,

Thank you for reminding me of the question I answered about Ginkgo. The bottom line was in my conclusion:

“Bottom line: I think the NTP ‘study’ was just another fraudulent government-sponsored ‘take-out piece,’ designed to discredit a time-honored natural supplement with a wide range of clinical uses. As for me, I’ll continue to take 240 mg of Ginkgo daily for its plethora of beneficial effects.”

I am not one bit concerned about Ginkgo toxicity. It has an overwhelming safety record, and well-documented beneficial effects. If you are concerned, I advise you not to take it. Anxiety raises one’s cortisol levels, and that can be destructive to your health.

Thanks again for reminding me of my article.

Ward Dean, MD

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